Acne Treatment for People of Color

Acne Treatment for People of ColorWhen it comes to skin care, your skin color plays a role on how you ought to care for your skin. Melanin is the pigment which gives your skin the complexion you have—more melanin means having darker skin, while less means having pale complexion. It is a fact that melanin helps protect against the harmful UV rays of the sun, and depending on your skin complexion, your sensitivity to the sun as well as some substances can be different compared to another individual’s.

For individuals with darker skin who happen to be plagued with acne, being more particular about which acne treatment to use is a must. Not all acne treatment products or remedies which work for individuals with lighter skin will work for those who have darker skin. While acne treatments to banish acne have basically the same underlying principles, the side effects are the ones which vary and should be watched out for.

Chemical Acne Treatment for People of Color

The most common effects of acne treatment options include irritation and dryness. These are the signs which show how your skin is affected by the product you are using. Irritation may range from being itchy to having redness on the affected areas, while dryness may manifest as having extra dry skin or even scaling skin for some people.

For people who have darker skin, there are two noted effects of chemical treatment products for acne: either the affected areas become lighter or even darker than their original skin tone. While this is not a permanent change in skin pigmentation and it would eventually go away as it heals, one thing you can do would be to counter the dryness and irritation by using only a little amount of the product and by supplying your skin with a good moisturizer.

You should also stay away from bleaching products which lighten acne scars—this may result in white spots or off-colored areas on your face. If you have darker spots you would like to lighten, one option you can ask your dermatologist about is azelaic acid which is a prescription topical which you can apply on trouble areas. You can also ask about having a light chemical peel to have a more balanced solution for your darker spots or acne problems.

Natural Acne Remedies for People of Color

A better solution to address acne without fearing adverse side effects would be to use natural acne treatment methods which are gentle on your skin. Just avoid making use of bleaching remedies like lemons and citrus juices on your skin, and you will notice reduction of acne breakouts.

Make use of the antibacterial honey mask which is at the same time a great natural moisturizer, the tightening egg white mask to reduce too much oil production, or apply a few drops of essential oils especially tea tree oil to help naturally clarify your skin without causing dryness, irritation, or uneven skin tone.

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