All You Need to Know about Laser Treatment for Acne Scars

laser treatment for acne scarsAcne is a common skin problem of men and women in their adolescent and young adulthood stage. But there are times that it can come out at any time even to those with older age. Too much production of oil by the oil glands is the immediate cause. Antecedent to that is the possibility that ducts are blocked. Instead of oil serving as a lubricant for protection of the skin, it becomes trapped in those blocked ducts. It will then develop to an unpleasantly visible pool of pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. Some would even bear deeper wounds on the skin called cysts.

A person with acne magnifies the problems on self-esteem. It is always followed by a boundless deal of shame. Stress can make the acne problem even worse. The irony is that because of this condition, the one affected will suffer undue stress. The acne scars left in your face will always create that lingering feeling of embarrassment especially when dealing with people. When you have spent enough time with almost all the possible treatment and remedy you know and have acquired, but still you end up with zero results, then it is maybe the best time for you to think about undergoing laser treatments. This maybe is the right time for you to try consulting about laser treatment for acne scars. As modern technology unravels each day, many people are already opting for this kind of acne treatment to improve their skin quality.

Before you go and proceed with this laser treatment for acne scars, make sure that you collect important information about the procedure like what the treatment really is all about, or how the treatment is done. It is also important that you know both the positive and negative effects of the treatment and if it is suitable on the type of scars you have. Simple things like this can guide you.

Ask: “What is a laser treatment?”

A laser treatment is a procedure where lasers are used to enhance or repair some appearance problems. Often known as resurfacing, this procedure has been widely performed to eliminate lines, erase wrinkles and remove scars from skin conditions like acne. Though commonly chosen, one should be knowledgeable about the factors that must be considered. The types of skin, the level of damage and your past treatment records are some of the special considerations before you submit into the treatment.

Types of Laser Treatment for Acne Scars

  • Fraxel laser. It is considered to be the most modern of all the other laser method types. It acts mainly on eradicating the worn-out pigmented cells located on the skin’s top layers. Among other laser treatment types, this one is very accurate. It only hits the area where scars grow without destroying the surrounding skin.
  • Vbeam laser. It is always important to consider the type of scar you have. But with this particular method, whether your scar is shaped depressed, raise or flat, it all works on them. This laser treatment focuses on blood vessels of your scar. This treatment also works pretty much with red scars, which makes them knowingly less noticeable.
  • Smoothbeam laser. A topical anesthetic is needed for this treatment procedure. Just prior to activating the lasers of this method, a spray known as cooling cryogen is sprayed all over your face. The complete treatment finishes with enough comfort. An advantage of Smoothbeam laser is that looking red is not evident after days of having the treatment. Actually, redness fades very rapidly and in just few hours’ time, everything goes back to normal, with skin smoother and reinvigorated.

The Pros and Cons of the Laser Acne Treatment

  • The Pros

The laser treatment for acne scars is considered to be effective in mending affected faces to obtain the appearance that you’ve been wanting. It does not need any constant and long-term ointment application and oral medications. This is just a quick method and a pain free one. No one’s going to endure the burning sensation caused by some strong topical medications. The recuperation is as quick as the procedure. Others who have undergone the therapy would say that scarring rarely takes place or on any occurrence of adverse effects from the treatment procedure.

  • The Cons

According to medical experts, laser can cause skin to experience long-term dryness due to its thermal damage. It can also result to hyper pigmented spots. No matter how we dominate the positive facts, there is always a downside of every procedure. Whatever claims different dermatologists or specialist brag, still a lot are not satisfied with it. The highlight of this being a disadvantage is that the procedure is too costly.

Knowing all these things, it is most important that you consult a doctor or an expert before undergoing the laser treatment for acne scars.

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