Home Remedies for Acne to Avoid

Home Remedies for Acne – Truth or Myth

home remedies for acneHave you ever considered that home remedies can be enough to control the progression of acne? To effectively treat acne, we should always use the basic and natural remedies for acne before going through a more complicated management. For instance, instead of panicking and going to the doctor about a single zit, you can try to wash your face with mild soap and lukewarm water, and then observe if the method will be effective. Home remedies for acne generally give positive effects to our skin since acne is not permanent.

In order to treat acne effectively, we have to know first its causes. On the contrary, the exact cause of acne is not yet established. It is believed to be mounting due to hormonal changes that take place when we reach the puberty age. The hair follicles in our pores increase its size, making it hard for the oil, which is secreted by the sebaceous glands, to escape. The clogged oil can cause irritation to the skin which results to inflammation. This process can even create an entry for microorganisms. Once the pores with clogged oil have microorganisms already, white blood cells will combat the possibility of infection, that’s why there is pus formation.

Continue Doing Your Personal Rituals – the Best Acne Remedies

Washing of our face upon waking up, applying cleansers, exfoliating creams and moisturizers – these personal rituals are still the best home remedies for acne. They can be just enough to make our skin fair and flawless if we can continue doing them every day. The major problem here is if we cannot maintain these routines, then this may alter the process once more. Yet, the solution here is simple: perform your personal rituals no matter how busy your schedule is and/or no matter how tired you are.

On The Other Hand, Can We Still Utilize The Traditional/Ancient Rituals?

Long before cosmetics are invented, a lot of superstitious and ancient beliefs started molding our world. Some of those home remedies for acne are still applied today because it was taught to us by our parents. But are we really sure that they are effective? They may be effective because we could see the positive changes, yet still, there is no enough scientific evidence for them.

  • First, is it really effective to use toothpaste directly on our acne? Yes, it is somewhat effective. Toothpaste is believed to be reducing the inflammation in our acne. It should be applied at nighttime before we go to bed.
  • Second, do we need to rub our face vigorously every day? No, we don’t need to. Rubbing our skin is just as good as squeezing a pimple and can only worsen the situation. When drying your face after washing, pat drying should be done instead of wiping.
  • Third, does sweating relieve acne since they get rid of the oil in our pores? Some of us spend hours of exercises because we want to wash away our acne with it. But the answer to the question is actually no. They come from different pores; therefore, sweat doesn’t help us get rid of acne. That is definitely not on the list of natural remedies for acne, so just avoid it.

Among all those myths and false beliefs, here’s one fact that will help to get rid of acne. To reduce the appearance of acne, you can add some already proven acne products for these effective home remedies for acne through the use of the Exposed Skin Care® acne treatment system.