Blackhead Remover – Nature or Science?

Blackhead Remover – Natural or Chemical?

blackhead removerDid you know that there are dozens of blackhead remover products, natural and chemical, that we can choose from? Although we are used to utilizing commercial products on the market, there are still natural removers accessible everywhere. For instance, we can always wash our face at least two times a day to get rid of them. Likewise, there are skin-friendly products that we can use to achieve a smooth and flawless skin.

What is a Blackhead?

We often assume that blackheads are dirt clogged in our skin that looks like burned pimples. But actually, blackheads are oxidized oils just congested in our pores. Just like acne, having blackheads can be a natural part of our puberty. It is usually caused by the enlarging hair follicles together with increased secretion of the sebaceous glands which frequently leads to inflammation. And to achieve the blackhead remover that is suited for your skin, choose a product that can minimize, if not control, the oil production and clogging in your pores.

Natural Remedies for Blackheads

We all know that blackheads can be a real burden to us. They can look dirty for our physical appearance but it is not right to squeeze them because it will only make things worse. To effectively treat them, we can utilize both the natural and chemical ways.

  • Wash your face regularly, at least three times a day, with a mild cleanser and lukewarm water.
  • You can also rub a lemon peel directly on your skin to reduce the oiliness and to remove the blackheads as well.
  • Drink lots of water every day. Not only this helps replenish our body, but it can help provide a more flawless skin.
  • Moreover, another effective for removing blackheads is to take a steam to your facial skin. Make sure that the heat is still bearable for you before trying it to avoid burning of your skin. Steam can make our pores open which gives a wider space for our follicles and it helps us remove blackheads easier.
  • Furthermore, we can also start making a homemade scrubber in the form of a paste using rice and milk.

Additional and Chemical Acne Remedies for Blackheads

In addition to natural blackhead remover options, there are also chemical-based products that we can use if we cannot maintain them.

  • For instance, we can use toner to wipe the excess oil in your pores, to reduce the size of your pores as well as to tighten the skin.
  • Also, astringents can help reduce the greasiness in our skin.
  • Apply some oil-free moisturizers on your skin since oil causes acne and blackheads.
  • Utilize scrubbing and medicated soaps that are available in the market since they are good for almost all the blackhead-prone skins. Once this problem persist and becomes a burden, use a professional advice to make certain that you will use the best way.
  • Additionally, there are creams and gels which contain Benzoyl Peroxide that help to remove blackheads. They can help soak the oil and peel away the blackhead from the face. After applying them to you dry skin, apply a moisturizer as well.

A lot of commercialized products are available everywhere but not all of them can be as effective as they promised. And aside from all of the mentioned treatment above, a powerful product as a blackhead remover is through the use of our top recommended Exposed® acne treatment system.