Acne in Kids and How to Treat It

Acne in Kids and How to Treat ItAcne can affect anyone from any age group. While it is most common in teens and some adults who seem to never have gotten through their teen acne phase, there are also cases when acne in kids is observed. This condition is similar to having baby acne but occurs in a later stage in the kid’s life. Since it is an obvious skin condition, it may impact the child’s self-esteem which is why parents who have children affected by it find remedies for child acne to make it go away in a safe manner.

Safe Remedies for Child Acne

A child’s skin is more sensitive compared to that of adults and there are even times when some children are advised not to use any kind of topical treatment or product depending on their skin sensitivity. Since their bodies are still going through a lot of changes, not subjecting them to additional external irritants can help maintain healthier skin.

When acne begins to have a significant impact on how the child sees him or herself, looking for remedies for child acne is a helpful measure to help the child grow out of the demoralizing state he or she may be in. Professional guidance is needed to properly determine your child’s skin needs to counter child acne especially if it is severe. But for mild to moderate cases, here are some things you can do:

  • Have a mild skin cleansing routine. For different reasons such as a bad diet or overproduction of oil in the face, your child may be having the acne breakouts. While children do not normally need special products for cleaning their faces, you may want to look into having a mild cleanser for your child’s skin care routine. Cetaphil is a dermatologist-recommended gentle facial cleanser which is safe even for baby skin. When bathing, have your child wash his or her face using Cetaphil or any other mild facial soap you can find (baby soaps usually do) after shampooing and conditioning their hair. This will remove product buildup on their face. After brushing their teeth before sleeping, have them wash their face again to remove dirt which has accumulated throughout the day. If irritations occur, consult a dermatologist. If there are no irritations and improvements are seen, make sure your child sticks to this routine.
  • Make use of probiotics to counter acne. Probiotics is one of the safest remedies for child acne because it is natural and it also helps your child’s overall health. Probiotics can fight the acne by countering the bacteria that causes it. By enhancing the probiotics or good bacteria in your child’s system, fighting the bacteria that causes acne is made easier. Combining probiotic intake with the suggested skin care routine can speed up making acne go away. You can try probiotic sources like yogurt, kefir, and other fermented probiotic sources. For supplements or topical probiotics, it would be best to consult a medical practitioner before getting any for your child.

Remind your child avoid touching the problem areas and stick to the skin cleansing routine. This way, you can make acne disappear in a safe and child-friendly manner.

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