Acne Facts: How Sleep Affects Acne Growth

Acne Facts: How Sleep Affects Acne GrowthOne of the many acne facts that a lot of people miss out on is the tidbit that lack of sleep can actually contribute to acne growth. The effect that the amount of sleep the body gets has on your skin may be indirect, but the effect is significant just the same.

Sleep keeps both your mind and your body healthy and active and gives your entire system the time it needs to refresh especially after a long day. Similar to any piece of equipment, constant use without giving it the chance to rest will cause it to break down. In the same way, our bodily functions will become less and less effective and efficient as you get less and less sleep. A body that lacks sleep for example, increases its resistance to insulin. Because insulin is responsible for spreading the glucose used as fuel by your body, you are unable to function properly because the energy you are using up is not being properly sustained. This, among others, is an effect of sleep deprivation.

Lack of Sleep and Its Effect on the Skin

So how does sleep, or the lack of it, relate to the condition of my skin? This is one of the many acne facts that you definitely have to know. When you lack sleep, you would notice that there is a considerable amount of oil on your skin, especially on your face. Sebum, the oil secreted by our glands, is good for the skin in fair amounts. An overflow of it however, will cause the oil to fill up your open pores, eventually clogging it up. This, plus the dead skin and bacteria stuck in the pores, will grow into acne.

Lack of sleep also increases the chances of inflammation in the body which is another factor that triggers the growth of acne. After all, acne is the product of infected, irritated or inflamed skin and the more occurrences of inflammation around your body, the bigger chances you have of having breakouts.

Sleep and Stress

Sleep also plays a big role in controlling the body’s reaction to stress. Your body’s stress hormones directly affect your skin and its functions, and the toxins produced when the body is experiencing huge amounts of stress work so quickly that they start showing up on your skin before you know it.

Because of these acne facts related to sleep deprivation, remember to get enough sleep from now on. Manage your time wisely and give your body the chance to rejuvenate itself. Find out about other acne facts that could help you take care of your skin better and find other tips you can follow to gain clearer skin. After all, sleep is only one of the many factors that would affect how your skin looks like. For example, combine a healthy dose of sleep with a properly balanced diet so that your body has the fuel it needs to go through a tough day. Do some research on what skin-enhancing vitamins and nutrients you need to stock up on. All these acne facts, when taken into consideration, may give you the smooth, glowing skin you’ve always wanted to have.

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