Acne and Facial Hair

Acne and Facial HairAcne is a skin disease that involves the oil glands at the base of hair follicles. It is the result of too much sebum and bacteria that block the skin’s pores. There are many types of acne that appear on the face, neck, chest, and the back. The reason being that these parts of the body are mostly covered in thousands of microscopic hair follicles. However, it is yet to be understood why these hair follicles sometimes overproduce cells that trap and block the pores. It is therefore not uncommon to see men with mustaches suffering from acne.

Acne in itself is already uncomfortable, since it develops on your facial hair or mustache, is twice the aggravation. If you don’t have acne, but sport a mustache, this information could very well prevent you from having it. So, what causes acne in mustaches and what should men do to prevent further irritation?

  1. Everybody knows that puberty is the height of hormonal changes. During this stage a person’s skin can pump out twice as more sebum. For boys entering puberty, facial hair or mustaches begin to grow too. This causes a possibility of acne developing alongside growing facial hair. Some teen boys often notice red spots appearing on their mustaches.
  2. Acne on a mustache can also be present in adult males. The reason being that the hair also produces sebum. Excess production of sebum on the skin added with the hair’s natural sebum production is a feasible cultivation of acne. Adult males must therefore create a hygienic routine that will clean their mustache area properly. Washing with a mild soap and warm water is one such hygienic practice.
  3. Shaving can sometime cause irritation to the skin leading to breakouts. Shaving may be an ordinary everyday routine for men, but for those who have acne on their mustaches, this can be a difficult feat. It is therefore important to hydrate the skin first in order to shave smoother. It is better to wash the mustache with soap to remove excess oil. After this, spread a generous amount of shaving cream over the area. It is advisable to use a single blade or electric razor. These types of razors will help you avoid shaving too close to the hair’s roots. It is also important to shave in the direction of the hair. This will help the hair grow back as it did before avoiding further probable irritation that may occur due to disrupted pattern of hair growth on the face. When you’re done, be sure to pat the area with an alcohol-free toner in order to get rid of any bacteria that may initiate pimple growth.

It is important to remember that acne comes from plugged pores that become infected if taken lightly. Follow our simple tips to prevent acne in order to keep that face and mustache acne free.

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