6 Things to Stop Doing When You Have Acne

6 Things to Stop Doing When You Have AcneThere are truly a lot of things you can do to counter acne breakouts. While it may be tempting to try them all, remember that your skin is adjusting to everything you do and those changes you choose to make have an impact on your skin. Knowing what not to do if you have acne is just as important as knowing what you can do to stop it. Continue reading to stop doing these things that are aggravating your skin condition:

  • Popping your pimples – Popping your pimples or picking on your skin will only make your condition worse. Only dermatologists should interfere with how your pimples are—and if pus needs to be removed, you shouldn’t do it by yourself. You are putting yourself at risk of getting infections, and worse, you may have permanent acne scars if you pop your pimples.
  • Staying up late – Getting enough sleep should be part of your skin care routine. Reducing the stress levels that your body feels by giving it enough rest will help lessen acne breakouts. Getting enough sleep also encourages your skin to regenerate better. Not sleeping when you are already troubled with acne only adds more stress to your skin!
  • Over washing your face – It can be very tempting to repeatedly wash your face especially when you see it becoming oily once more. You must remember though that over washing your face will trigger more oil production. This is also counterproductive because you are stripping your skin of the natural moisture it needs to stay healthy. Wash your face only twice a day with the cleanser that works well for you. Use anti-oil pads or apply face powder to avoid oiliness throughout the day until you get to wash your face again at night.
  • Believing in a “miracle cure” – There is no such thing as a miracle cure for acne. Your skin will not look immediately clear no matter what product you use on it because it will take a few days at most for the product to take effect. Natural remedies for acne take time, but they are more effective than products which claim “miraculous” results. This is what not to do if you have acne since you will only be subjecting your skin to potentially damaging substances.
  • Not seeing a dermatologist – The best way to address your problems would be to see a dermatologist and foregoing professional advice will be a wrong move on your end. While you can research about remedies for acne online, having a professional assess your skin condition is the best way to find out which treatment method your skin will benefit from the most.
  • Stressing yourself out – Stress is one of the internal triggers of acne, and feeling stressed that you have acne will only aggravate it. Stay positive about your situation and keep in mind that when you follow these tips as well as your regular cleansing routine and skin care habits, your acne will go away. No need to stress about it since you can successfully fight acne!

The secret to clear skin is knowing what and what not to do, so try these tips and see positive results soon.

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