5 Tips for Hair Care to Prevent Acne Growth

5 Tips for Hair Care to Prevent Acne GrowthUnlike what most of you may have been led to believe, your hair can actually be one of the biggest reasons why your acne is getting worse. Because of this, choosing how to style your hair and what hair care products to use should also involve thinking about how it can affect your skin. Here are some tips about hair care to prevent acne growth:

  • No matter how trendy it looks, having hair touching your skin will always be a major trigger for acne growth. Especially if you have oily skin, the dirt on your hair will definitely stick to the skin’s surface and would be another ingredient added to your clogged pores. As much as possible, style your hair in a way that would leave your face hair-free, especially around the forehead and cheek area which are usual areas for acne growth.
  • A lot of the products used on hair contain chemicals that could irritate your skin. The fragrance used on hair care products for example, could be very harsh and could do a lot of damage to both your hair and your skin. As much as possible, use fragrance-free products to avoid any harmful effects.
  • You will also find parabens of all kinds (propyl, methyl and butyl) in hair care products, which are used to prolong the product’s shelf life. Opt for paraben-free products as these have been found to be toxic in nature.
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, also known as SLS, is the main ingredient that causes bubbles and foam to form when you use your shampoo. Although everybody believes that the sudsier your shampoo is, the better, this belief could actually have disastrous results. Not only will it strip your hair of its natural oils, but it could also cause your skin to dry out and get irritated. Because awareness of the effects of SLS has been growing though, a lot of SLS-free shampoo and hair care products are now being sold in the market. They may be a tad more expensive than the usual stuff you buy, but hey, prevention is still cheaper than damage control.
  • Another important tip in hair care to prevent acne growth is washing your hair thoroughly before going to bed, especially if you used styling products during the day. You have no control of your movements as you sleep and your hair will always fall over parts of your face without you knowing it. Any products that you use on your hair could also rub off on your pillow, which your face also touches.

All these tips for hair care to prevent acne are simple enough to follow and will benefit the way your skin looks. Especially if you are prone to acne breakouts, it is better to consider everything else that affects your skin’s health such as the way your hair affects it, instead of just concentrating on products and practices directly done or used on your skin. This way, you can take a more general approach and control how your hair and your skin look at the same time.

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