5 Things Your Dermatologist Won’t Tell You

5 Things Your Dermatologist Won’t Tell You

When your skin is doing all sorts of strange things and you can’t handle it anymore, who do you call? The only right answer to this is you call your dermatologist so he can check you out and get to the root of why your skin is acting up. They are trained to treat and improve skin after all and for sure they will do their best to remedy your problem. However, there are some things your dermatologist won’t tell you about acne remedies or other procedures. Whether you are looking for acne remedies or looking at some procedures that will make your skin better, check out some information your doctor is not likely to share with you.

Secret Information about Acne Remedies and Procedures

Mole removals can go wrong – In this day and age there really is nothing to fear from a mole removal. After all, there are so many high tech ways to go about it and surely nothing can go wrong. However, what your dermatologist will not tell you is that things can go wrong. You can get anything from a major scar or you can also get flesh-eating staph infections. However, such side effects are so rare that most doctors prefer not to talk about them.

Acne products in office are major money for doctors – You know those products they display in your dermatologist’s office? They offer your doctor an alternative source of revenue and you can sometimes find the same items in other stores for less. However, they may be specifically formulated for skin conditions so check out the acne remedies or skin care products online to see if you can find similar items for less.

Laser treatments are anything but perfect – These days you can’t turn a corner without someone raving about the wonders of laser treatments. They do bring a lot of good to the skin but they usually have a longer recovery time then advertised. Most patients do not even recover until after ten days and people with darker skin may suffer permanent discoloration if they go for laser resurfacing treatments.

Boost skin health at home – Most doctors will not tell you to try acne remedies at home or how to boost your skin health in your own house. However, you can and should because it is not all prescription medicine and high-tech treatments that work. All you need to do is make sure you get lots of fruits and veggies in your diet as well as lots of water and you should be good to go.

Predicted results may be better than actual results – When you ask about a certain treatment a doctor may rave about the benefits but they might just be pretty words. This is not to say they do not work but rather, you should manage your expectations so you do not get disappointed in the end.  If your doctor says that you will lose all your wrinkles and freckles after the surgery, lower the number to 60% for a more accurate prediction.

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