5 Common Rosacea Acne Triggers

6 Common Rosacea Acne TriggersIf there is one skin condition that many people suffer from, it is rosacea. There is nothing quite so discomfiting as seeing the veins on your face go all red and enlarged and not knowing what you can do about it. If you have noticed enlarged red veins on your face, you may want to know what triggers rosacea acne so that you can avoid said triggers and not have to deal with the outcome on your face. It is beneficial to learn about these triggers because it means that you can avoid so many problems and not have to think of ways to get rid of it while you still don’t have it or when it’s just starting to surface.

What Triggers Rosacea Acne?

If you have had rosacea acne before, you will notice that there are some things you do and some things you eat that trigger your rosacea to flare up. If you are particularly keen on details you will know what they are but in case you are not, check out the information below.

  1. Alcohol – You already know that alcohol does a lot of funny things to your body and this includes making you act and talk funny. However, if you are prone to rosacea you will want to avoid alcohol altogether because it may just make your condition worse. If you must take in alcohol in a social event or for some other reason, stay away from red wine as it can trigger your rosacea more than any other alcoholic drink.
  2. Spicy food – If you suffer from rosacea and you simply love spicy food, you may want to lay off the decadent goodies for a while. Studies have shown that eating spicy food triggers rosacea in a lot of people and this is why you should avoid them.  Some spicy foods that are especially bad for rosacea include obvious ones like hot sauce and hot peppers. Of course, it is not just south-of-the-border foods and condiments that you should be wary of because even Cajun-style cooking which is heavy on the spices can trigger rosacea flare-ups.
  3. Hot foods (temperature and flavor) – There is hot food laden with peppers and such and then there is hot food that is fresh off the fire and both can cause your rosacea to flare up. If you do not mind eating your food at room temperature then you will be rewarded with fewer flare ups.
  4. Hot baths and saunas – When you consider how veins work, it is not at all surprising that hot baths and saunas trigger rosacea. You see, when you get heated, your veins open up to allow blood to flow more freely and this is why saunas should be avoided by rosacea sufferers.
  5. Cold weather/hot weather – If you live in colder climates then it should come as no surprise to you that your rosacea flares up during winter. A lot of skin problems crop up during the winter months after all, and rosacea is just one of them.  For folks who live in tropical climates, you will notice your rosacea worsening as it gets hotter.

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