5 Benefits of Sea Buckthorn Oil for Acne

5 Benefits of Sea Buckthorn Oil for AcneIf you have sensitive skin and you prefer natural solutions, choosing an essential oil for acne can be your powerful arsenal to have clearer skin. One such essential oil for acne is sea buckthorn oil. Read on to find out more about this natural solution for your acne problems!

Getting to Know Sea Buckthorn Oil

Sea buckthorn is an herb with flowers, leaves, and fruits used for making herbal medicine and essential oils. Usually, the essential oil from sea buckthorn oil comes from the pulp or seeds of the oil. This oil is rich in a-linoleic acid and linoleic acid but it also has other beneficial properties such as palmitoleic acid, monounsaturated fatty acids, and palmitic acid.

The Benefits of Using this Essential Oil

Sea buckthorn oil is rich in plant sterols, tocopherols, and tocotrienols. Apart from these beneficial plant compounds, it also has high levels of carotenoids which are great for promoting good skin health. More specifically, you can also experience these 5 benefits from using sea buckthorn oil:

  1. When you use sea buckthorn essential oil for acne, you can naturally strengthen your skin and reduce inflammation, swelling, and scarring. This effect is great when you deal with severe acne breakouts since it can act as a naturally protective essential oil which will condition your skin and heal it from further acne problems. If you easily get scars from acne breakouts, your skin will be more protected from damage with sea buckthorn oil.
  2. When you apply it as a light mask or use a cotton ball to spread it on your face, it will act as a great natural facial cleanser giving you a deeper clean. If you frequently use makeup and prefer having a cleanser to thoroughly remove it, you can use this oil after washing your face for a mild yet thorough cleansing.
  3. Acne also comes from blocked pores. You can avoid having pore blockage when you regularly exfoliate. If you have sensitive skin, using facial scrubs can bring about irritation and the gentle exfoliating properties of sea buckthorn oil will give you the light peeling your skin needs. Even adults who have been plagued with acne experience having fresher and younger-looking skin after using sea buckthorn oil.
  4. Sea buckthorn has also been known as a great natural hormone regulator. If you are suffering from hormonal acne, you can take sea buckthorn in capsule form to help reduce stress. By making you feel less stressed and regulating how your hormones act inside your body, you will have less of those nasty one-big-zit breakouts.
  5. If you are suffering from acne rosacea, the healing qualities that sea buckthorn has also provides relief from the pain and inflammation that come with this type of acne. After just 24 hours of using this oil topically, you will be able to see changes in the redness, pain, and sensitivity of your problem spots.

Consider having a bottle of sea buckthorn oil as your natural ally in fighting acne!

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