4 Acne Concealing Tips for Teens

4 Acne Concealing Tips for TeensTeens know what it feels like to have those acne breakouts, and because this skin condition almost always pops up on their faces, teens are eager to know how to avoid acne so they wouldn’t have to wake up every morning with those pimples on their face.

Facing school with acne can really have an impact on how a teen sees himself or herself and if you have tried all the ways on how to avoid acne but they’re still there, you need not deal with the embarrassment that acne brings. You can present a bright face by following these four concealing tips:

  • Tinted moisturizer – Acne can be caused by both oily skin and dry skin. If you have the latter, you may want to consider using tinted moisturizer to conceal your pimples. This helps your skin become hydrated while giving you the coverage you need to lessen the redness of your pimples. Dab some of the product and spread it evenly on your face before applying another layer onto the affected areas and blending it in for more coverage.
  • BB cream – BB creams or blemish balm creams can give you that photoshopped look in real life if you know how to find the right shade for your skin. When choosing a BB cream, find one that is closest to, or just a little lighter than your skin tone. Pick something lighter so that when you apply it on your face, your foundation will still match your natural skin color. BB creams can be applied all over the face and if you have a lot of pimples, big or small, you will benefit from BB cream. Most of these products have matte finishes, but if they don’t, you can top it off with a light layer of foundation or skin-toned powder.
  • Concealer – You can pick a concealer the same way you pick your BB cream, but the trick on how to avoid acne from dominating your overall appearance will be the use of green concealer. If you have seen this product around, you may be bewildered as to why it’s green. The green pigments neutralize or cool down the redness of your acne. You need not apply much to achieve this effect, and you must only place it on the particularly red areas of your face. Also, remember to blend it with a light layer of skin-toned powder for a more natural look on your face.
  • Mineral foundation – If you have mild to moderate acne, you will benefit from purchasing a good quality mineral foundation. This is gentle on your skin and provides just a light amount of coverage that won’t irritate your pimples.

When buying products for coverage, purchase those which are from reputable cosmetics providers to help ensure you get only those which are tested to be safe for use on your skin. You can incorporate these concealing tips and have a smooth-looking skin while you find other ways to make your acne go away completely!

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