3 Exercises for Acne-Free Skin

3 Exercises for Acne-Free SkinYour acne breakouts may be caused by a lot of factors. But have you ever considered your lifestyle and how it is contributing to the health of your skin? Exercises for acne work by balancing the hormones in your body and one of its main effects is by increasing endorphin levels which in turn reduces stress. Stress results in breakouts and even worsens the inflammation of your acne. When you are less stressed, you will have a healthier skin and less acne breakouts.

The Best Exercise for Acne

As with most acne treatments and medications, the best exercise for acne will be dependent on how you will go through with it. Basically, the concept behind exercising for acne to go away is to have a more active body which will lead to sweating and natural detoxification. This is apart from the hormone-balancing effects that acne has.

You don’t have to go far from home or spend on a gym membership just to have the best exercise for acne! Here are 3 exercise options which can ultimately lead to healthy, glowing skin:

  • Running – This is a great way to have a healthy overall exercise for your body and at the same time to get your daily dose of sunshine. You can run in the early hours of the morning just when the sun starts rising. Fifteen minutes would be enough to sweat out some of the accumulated toxins in your system. If the sun is high when you get out though, make sure you wear protective clothing and a hat or sports cap to protect your face from the sun. Wearing SPF moisturizer can also help if your skin is particularly sensitive.
  • Yoga exercises – You can enroll in a yoga class of your choice to get the hang of having yoga properly before you proceed to just having yoga at home. Yoga is a stress-relieving way to reduce acne. The breathing techniques combined with the physical exertions of yoga promote natural detoxification while simultaneously reducing your stress levels. If you prefer, you can simply purchase an instructional video or watch online for free to have the yoga exercises you need at home!
  • Cardio exercises at home – If running isn’t something you prefer to do because of the need to be outside to do this, you can simply do cardio exercises right in the comfort of your home. Think about marching in place, performing jumping jacks, using the jumping rope, or performing squats or lunges. All of these can help you sweat and get rid of acne-causing toxins in your system.

Making the Best Exercise for Acne More Effective

When you’ve figured out which acne-busting exercise is best for you, consider the following tips to make it more effective:

  • Keep your face away from your hair to avoid irritation.
  • Wear comfortable clothing with breathable fabrics.
  • Shower after exercising.
  • Hydrate to replenish lost moisture.

By following these tips, you can have clearer skin just by exercising!

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